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Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on systems that are very limited and expensive to customize, try our full working version free for 30 days

Product Features

All features of Comparative Rater Software plus
All features of Agency Management Software plus

Custom dec sheets
Automatic billing/invoicing
Insurance department reporting
Web site access
Choose between equity and non-equity billing
Customize your own invoicing and cancel notices with the click of a few buttons
Automatic cancellation notices
Integrated rating software
Accept applications over the internet and dump the data into the database to avoid input errors and save lots of time

Our pricing is very affordable for any size insurance carrier.
We promise you will find this so easy to use, that you will be up and running in just hours.  Training is quick for any CSR.

Product Cost

You need paid minimal $250 startup fee to get started.

No Contract

We do not issue any contracts to use our rating software products.   We make it real simple.  Use the product for as long as you wish.  If you don't want to use it anymore, just send us a note and we will stop billing you. 

Why the monthly fee

It works out to be less expensive for the agents when they pay a monthly fee versus a single fee and then have to pay for updates.  Some software vendors charge a one time fee for each insurance carrier.  Whenever there is an update, you will usually be billed around $40 for the update.  Could you imagine how much it would cost for every update for every insurance carrier you write for?  Not with us.  You get all the updates which is included in your monthly maintenance fee.

Another draw back of the single fee is that most vendors will wait until there are several changes before they send an update.  This is especially true for small changes.  Not us!  We update our agents on average at least once a month.  Not only that, we always include new and better features with almost every release.

$250 startup fee for Insurance Company Management System.

Download Insurance Company Management System

Download latest version of the product Please click on arrow to download latest version of the product.

This is a 30 days trial version. You need to register the product and pay $250 startup fee (two month prepaid includes) to continue working after trial period has expired. You will be able to register the product after successful installation the product on your system.

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