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Feature Name Yes/No Description Load
Admin features include assigning user rights    
Auto e-mail clients a copy of the draft along with payment details    
Batch payments
Built in check registry    
Create and save memos
Date and time stamped notes    
Endorse back of checks    
Full ledger    
Password protected for complete security    
Print deposit slips
Print or reprint one or multiple drafts    
Recurring monthly billing    
Routing number verification
Scan and store documents    
Attach scanned documents in e-mails    
Store client and bank information
Search and sort stored information    
Set defaults for client and bank information
Standalone or network version available    
Verification of check number to avoid duplicate check numbers    

The USD Checkwriter is a proven check writing system. You can now accept checks via phone, fax or internet. You no longer have to hear "The checks in the mail" from your clients. Our simple payment process saves you valuable time. Clients may conveniently make payments via phone, fax or online by providing name, address, and bank information. Clients can also be billed on a monthly recurring basis with proper authorization. USD drafts are available three (3) on a page and compatible with any laser or ink jet printers, printed on 8½ x 11" paper. No special ink or toner is required to print drafts. Print one or multiple drafts and you are then ready for deposit. USD checks are accepted at any United States bank.

USD Checkwriter options allow you to personalize the program for quick transactions. Set confirmations and warnings to avoid making common errors. Store default settings, e-mail, print and viewing options. Signature options include digital signature (scanned and stored in the program), no signature required or a blank signature line for the customer to sign.

The USD Checkwriter also integrates with the USD Agency Management System. Click here for additional information.

We take our clients suggestions seriously. Requests are shared with all agents, processed and programmed at no extra cost. USD is always striving to bring you the most current, up-to-date software with the latest features in demand.

You'll get fast, friendly customer service and technical support. Training is also available upon request.

We do not issue any contracts to use our software products. We make it real simple. Use the product for as long as you wish. If you do not want to use it anymore, just send us a note and we will stop billing your company.

The USD Checkwriter is available to purchase for $299 which includes the first 1,000 drafts to get you started.

Download latest version of the product Please click on arrow to download latest version USD Checkwriter.

If you would like to continue using the USD Checkwriter after the one month trial period the program will prompt you to register with USD.

Drafts for the USD Checkwriter are available for purchase.

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