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All features of Comparative Rater Software plus

Feature Name Yes/No Description Load
ACH/Credit Card Integration    
Automatic Invoicing    
Built in Reporting    
Built in Scanning    
Built in E-mail
Built in Inter-office E-mail  
Built in Acord Forms    
Cancellation Reports  
Commission Tracker    
Custom Letters
Date and Time Stamped Notes    
Full Doc History    
Go Paperless! Scanning    
Includes USD Comparative Rating Software    
Manage Employee Rights
Manual Invoicing    
Print Receipts    
Print Premium Checks    
Print Client Checks    
Print Daily Ledgers
Quick launch to carrier web sites    
Real Time Rating for Auto    
Real Time Rating for Home    
USD Checkwriting System    
USD Contact Manager    
USD Rolodex System    

The USD Agency Management System is a product created by agents for agents. All of the features included are there to make your business operate with ease. Documentation, scanning (Go Paperless!), forms, invoicing, payments, check writing, reporting and real time rating. If you are still paying for a file clerk, filing cabinets, yellow folders, receipt books, etc., you are NOT using the USD Agency Management System! This all-in-one system was designed to save you time and money. USD's competitive pricing also includes the benefit of unlimited updates.

Along with the Agency Management System, you will get the USD Workers Compensation Rater, CommercialAuto Rater, Homeowners Rater, Artisan Rater plus much, much more. These raters are available in desktop and/or web based versions.

We take our clients suggestions seriously. Requests are shared with all agents, processed and programmed at no extra cost. USD is always striving to bring you the most current, up-to-date software with the latest features in demand.

You'll get fast, friendly customer service and technical support. Training is also available upon request.

Download the 30 day trial version for free today!

**$450 + tax One-Time Startup Fee

**This includes a 3 Hour On-Site Training

*$125 Monthly Fee + tax for one (1) machine
*$20 Monthly Fee + tax for each additional machine

*This monthly fee includes all updates.

We do not issue any contracts to use our software products. We make it real simple. Use the product for as long as you wish. If you do not want to use it anymore, just send us a note and we will stop billing your company.

Download latest version of the product This is a 30 day trial version of the USD Agency Management System.

If you would like to continue using the Agency Management System after the 30 day trial period the program will prompt you to register with USD. There is a $450 + tax One Time Startup Fee and a monthly fee of $125 + tax for one machine and $20 + tax for each additional machine. You have the option to pay for access monthly, quarterly or annually. This pricing includes all updates.

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